Arhivele lunare: iunie 2012


Fly, fly, butterfly,
Take my heart and fly away,
Make it dance as it’s in love,
Turn around and make it sway.
Fly high butterfly,
Spread your wings and fly the wind,
Touch the sky and sun within,
Call my name and catch my dream.
Fly my butterfly,
Fly the distance to my hopes,
Make them real, make them close
To the person I want to be.
Fly, fly, butterfly,
Take my kiss and fly away,
Find the one that’s best for me,
Mark his heart so he can stay
Mine forever.



I really wanted to love you…
but this heart of mine doesn’t listen to anybody
and the last person that hears is me.

I really wanted to see you…
but my eyes can’t see anyone
beside the person that took my breath away.

I really wanted you to embrace me…
but I lost myself in his arms
and my body refuses to let it go.

I really wanted you to kiss me…
but my lips are sealed to be
from now on, his toys forever.

I really wanted to be your lover…
but he stole my heart, my body
and they don’t belong to me anymore.

I really wanted to be yours…
but I can’t give what I don’t have.

I really wanted to stay…

Am plecat

Am plecat de langa tine
Si iepurasul dupa mine,
Caci el stia cel mai bine
Cine a gresit si cine
A pierdut sau nu.
Te-am lasat in urma mea
Refuzandu-ti dragostea
Ce-o aveai si pentru ea,
Nu mai era doar a mea,
Iar eu nu pot imparti.
Am plecat pe un alt drum
Fara sa apuc sa-ti spun,
Poate nu am stiut cum,
Dar nu mai conteaz-acum,
Nu te mai iubesc.