The red hair girl

First, he saw her there, walking on the street,
Not looking around or skipping a beat.
“Not bad” was his first thought in a while
Cause all the curves where good, but her absent smile.
Her colored red hair leaved behind a trace
And, looking back, invaded the space,
Red like a fire, curly like a doll’s,
He had a second thought “not bad at all”.
He stared for a little absorbed by the view
When she turns her head out of the blue
Called by someone who happens to be his friend
Their eyes meet each other in the very end.
Her lips bloom into a smile seeing someone known
And he’s blown apart, transformed into stone,
Cause her amazing eyes, he never thought he would,
But now he’s only thinking “she’s actually good”.
She’s with them talking, stealing him a look
And laughing at a joke it’s all that it took
For him to realize, again to think of
“She’s really, really, no… I’m really in love”.

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