The g poem


green, grow, glass, grass, globe

A glimpse of a broken heart at the gate of giving in
To the grief that gets across grinning at the last part green
Of a garden once a glow, now a growing glooming ghost,
The last glamor of my heart sees the grave where she’ll be lost.

The great, giant, but fool god guarding at the gate of love
Gambled all his galaxy for the gaining of a globe,
Gorgeus gift, said the guest, glass or gold you can not say,
A rare gem that it will glue all the gaps met in his way.

But the game was lost before even getting through the rules,
You got after me without any grace, just like the ghouls
And my garden is now gazing, rigid earth where it won’t grow
Blade of grass, the gallant sun gnawed me ages ago.


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